Quality control in situations that the same product is mass-produced is very important, promoting the modularization of each component aiming at shortening development periods, reducing cost and achieving high quality.

By applying the measurement and control technology of test system to the fully automated mechanism necessary for the total inspection at the end of the line, enables achieving the final inspection with high accuracy.


Analyzed measurement data and judgment at the final inspection, combined with Automax's EOL tester will keep the product quality above a certain level and prevents the outflow of defective products.

The test results of all products are saved in the database and user can see the detailed results of each test of all products. Database software which is based on the results of mathematical statistics can find relations of quality deterioration from weak points in the product manufacturing process.


We will further expand the testing business for R&D and EOL in the automotive industry and plan to develop business further upstream from the EOL inspection in the production line.