Vehicle basic characteristic
measurement contract test(K&C TEST)

※As of October 2021

- Usage -

Suspension and steering system parameter

Acquisition of input data for various vehicle simulation software

- Compatible simulation software -

■ Carsim ■ Carmaker ■ VI-CarRealTime

※We also support simulation software other than the above.

Measuring changes in suspension geometry

Measurement of suspension stiffness properties

Measurement item

  • Tire ground contact 4 component forceVertical direction・Left-right direction・Longitudinal direction・Aligning torque
  • Wheel alignment change measurementCamber angle・Caster angle・Toe angle・Front-back displacement・Left-right displacement・Vertical displacement
  • Tire ground contact displacementVertical direction・Left-right direction・Longitudinal direction・Aligning angle
  • SteeringSteering angle
    Steering torque

Features and Advantages

  • The only K & C contract testing company in Japan
  • Accurate reproduction of alignment changes by Zero load servo
  • Zero load servo that enables Low crosstalk load measurement
  • Adoption of the latest electric actuator
  • Measurement data can be loaded into vehicle simulation software

Contents of the test

  • 1.Bump and rebound test
  • 2.Roll test
  • 3.Lateral compliance test
  • 4.Longitudinal compliance test
  • 5.Aligning torque test(Same direction)
  • 6.Aligning torque test(Reverse direction)
  • 7.Steering test
Vehicle range to be measured
  • - Wheelbase1,900~3,500 mm
  • - Tread1,200~1,750 mm
  • - Vehicle weightMax 2,500 kg

Measurement flow

  • STEP01Input specification information
  • STEP02Vehicle installation
  • STEP03Vehicle tilt adjustment
  • STEP04Vehicle fixation
  • STEP05Install steering robot and brake device
  • STEP06Install body displacement gauge
  • STEP07Setting test conditions
  • STEP08Test implementation (front wheel)
  • STEP09Vehicle inversion (front ⇒ rear)
  • STEP10Rear fixing
  • STEP11Perform STEP03-08
  • STEP12Output measurement data and get off
    the vehicle
Provided data format
  • - Vehicle simulation software loading data (1 type)
  • - Time series data CSV format for each test
  • - Provide the above data on DVD
  • - measurement report
※Supported simulation software are CarSim, CarMaker, VI-CarRealTime. (optional if more than 2)
  • - Supports individual test patterns
  • - Arrangement and measurement of car rental at our company
  • - 2 or more types of data for simulation software
  • - Center of gravity height and moment of inertia contract test

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