Automax newly releases sales of Measurement Data
- center of gravity and inertia moment measurements.

Automax offers the service to acquire vehicle datawith our own center of gravity • moment of inertia measurement system.
The data consists of four sets of "center of gravity height", "pitch and moment", "roll and moment" and "yaw and moment".

This data is acquired by Automax's center of gravity • moment of inertia measurement device, which provides high measurement accuracy, and is not affected by rolling resistance or axle friction.

Instead of measuring data by bringing in the vehicles, we offer the service of selling only the data of vehicles already acquired by our testing system.
The data is applicable to input values of various simulation software and can be utilized for research and development activites.

Please contact us for available vehicle data and prices.

※We do not sell data from customer vehicles which were acquired by our Testing Service.
It is data measured specifically by our company.

Items of Sales

The following vehicle datas are provideded in a set.

  • Center of gravity height Balance method: Inclination angle measurement
  • PitchGravity pendulum method: Periodic measurement
  • RollInverted spring pendulum: Periodic measurement
  • YawSpring pendulum: Periodic measurement

Benefits of Automax measurement equipment

  • Superior measurement accuracy – tolerance 0.5% (± 2.5 mm)
  • Not affected by rolling resistance
  • Not affected by axle friction
  • Minimal drive friction
    (If occurred, minimizes scattering)
AUTOMAX measurement methods

Flow of measurements

  • STEP01Vehicle loading
  • STEP02Vehicle anchoring
  • STEP03Data input
  • STEP04Center of gravity measurement
  • STEP05Pitch and moment measurement
  • STEP06Roll and moment measurement
  • STEP07Yaw moment measurement
  • STEP08Measurement data output, vehicle off loading
  • Center
    of gravity height
    Front and rear 2×2
    Average of 4 levels
  • Pitch moment
    of inertia
    Average of 3 times
  • Roll moment
    of inertia
    Average of 3 times
  • Yaw moment
    of inertia
    Average of 3 times

Contact Us

Phone number +81-3-3960-9001 Sales Department Office hours: 9:00 to 17:15 (Mon-Fri)