Providing Solutions that "Can Achieve Results"
with the Industry's Top Technical Capabilities as Advantage!

Automax has been the industry leader in the test system market for more than 50 years.
Because of the industry's top technology and know-how derived from the overwhelming
amount of experience, we proudly provide solutions that can only be accomplished by Automax.

Not only do we fulfill the customer’s requests, but we also provide solutions to the customer’s challenges.
With our technical know-how, we look beyond the challenges and customer’s requests to provide solutions.
We believe that our mission is to provide solutions which are born out of these challenges that "can achieve results."

Challenge to Develop New Solutions to Meet Further Needs of Customers

In order to respond to the rapidly changing and diverse needs of the world,
Automax in the future will not only provide testing machines,
but also provide equipment that can detect abnormality at an early stage.
Upstream process of manufacturing such as model-based development
that will enable us to improve both design quality and productivity at the same time.

Zen Sato